A Lasting Impression

As a society, we are geared towards knowing more people than knowing more about people. We have more acquaintances than friends, and even less close friends whom we can confide in.

Naturally, then, we devote a lot of time in developing our ‘meet and greet’ skills and our ability to put on the façade we want the world to see us as. After all – as I’ve been told a number of times – first impression counts and first impressions often dictate the course of the relationship.

Although it’s normal for us to form these impressions, too often we forget that these impressions are based on our own preconceptions and biases. We then continue to relate to others through our own perceptions, clouded by our own feelings, prejudices and stereotypes.

So this week’s practice is to choose one person in our life whom we have daily contact with, and make a conscious effort to ‘meet’ them again. Get to know them as they are in that moment with you, not based on what was done in the past or what you think they are like. Appreciate that they too have different facets of them that changes each day, and they too have aspirations and motivations that explain why they do what they do. Hopefully this practice deepens your relationship with this person, and all those whom you apply this practice to.

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