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You can turn home into your place for practice, your expression of yourself, your little piece of calm. Importantly, your home can reflect your values and your place in the world.

Here are some ideas to create a home that warms your heart, and brings calm to your day. Ideas on how to live intentionally and mindfully, sustainably, that is wholesome, that is in and with nature, using whatever we have and sharing what we can, minimising waste, repurposing, reusing, creative designs, experimenting and learning.

Nature has so much to teach us. As we watch the life that springs from seed to seedlings to growth to reproduction to spreading, we also see its inevitable ending in the decay and death that follows as a natural course. We witness the ever changing impermanent nature of all phenomena, including ourselves. As we watch the seasons change and how the garden changes as a result; as we observe the ecosystem that plays out in our backyards – what grows, what eats, what is eaten, and so forth – we come to understand that we are all interdependent and what we do has a direct impact on the world around us.

We draw on the principles of Buddhism, permaculture, what mother nature has to teach us. This isn’t just about gardening, though that in and of itself is also a peaceful and loving exercise that produces fresh produce for us. This is about using your home as an expression and means of your spiritual practice, to reconnect you to what is valuable and real.

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May you find your little piece of calm and come home.

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