Welcome to a Little Piece of Calm

“Little Piece of Calm” is your online oasis, taking you out of the thicket of your troubles, to a place of inner peace and happiness. In a state of calmness, you can see through the thicket of your troubles and arm yourself with mental swords to cut through the clouds to the heart of the problem. In calmness, you find a refuge to rest your body and mind, so you can battle on reinvigorated. In calmness, you can open yourself up fully to the world around you and lay down your protective armour to reveal the real you without fear of exposing your vulnerability and true self.

So I invite you to take a moment away from busyness, stress and complications. Take a moment to reconnect with your inner self, and find your way home.

Welcome to your Little Piece of Calm.

Aspiration of “Little Piece of Calm”

This site is a humble offering that aims to provide some relief to you from the hustle and stressful bustle of modern city life.

Life in the 21st century is a long ride in the fast-lane: it’s a constant chase to one destination after another, with little time to pause and enjoy the scenery that’s whizzing by us. As drivers, we may at times be reckless, nerve-racking, tense, competitive, selfish or simply on auto-pilot. We have our eyes on the road ahead, but spend little time observing the world around us, and more importantly, observing the world within us.

We become so concerned with our goals and what is happening around us, we almost become strangers to our own self. We forget to listen to our bodies, until they fall ill in their cry for us to rest. We forget to look into our hearts, to see all the hurt, anger and unhappiness we have buried in there. We forget how to know the nature of own minds, and forget how powerful it truly can be if we know how to master our mind.

So we continue to cruise along.

All may travel smoothly until one day we may encounter an accident, a breakdown, a loss, a pause, a reflection on our mortality and our lives’ fragility.

In those moments, we may wonder where we are driving to, and why each time we reach our destinations, we never truly stop…but almost immediately find out next quest.

It is in those moments where we can give pause to our life, look within ourselves, and realise how lost we have become in the insignificant things in life.

Hopefully, those moments inspire us to look deeper, to investigate into what this life really means, to see clearly what this world – within and without – really is, and to finally come home to your little piece of calm.

It is my sincere wish that my writings available on this site and in my books, can be one of those road signs that reminds you on your journey to slow down to admire the world around you, and maybe even to stop, get out of your speeding car, and feel the grass beneath your feet.

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  1. Les Tscherne

    Dear Tina!
    Thank you for your new website, it is exactly what I needed at this exact hour! A place to retreat to, comforting words and a dear friend.
    I have just returned to Korea after a visit to Nepal. I hope to catch up with you when I return to Sydney.
    Much Metta,

  2. tinlala

    Thank you Les. I can always count on your care and support! Wishing you well, and looking forward to seeing you after your trip! With love, Tina

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