1. Those who are humbled are ones with most skill, others who live their lives by ego, anger and vengeance are ones with most fear. Good on you Tina. Often however, the most skilled don’t just wield their instruments of peace. Sometimes to get through the masks and the walls of ego, a combat boot wedged up the arsecrack is required. I know this because I’ve been through it and it had opened my eyes. Some won’t change of course, others may project more ego and anger than ever before in order to restore and strengthen their armoured walls of protection. Until Universe throws in a spanner. An extreme Rabbit lacks moderation, it is two persons in one mind, often self opposing and losing to its conscience. Eventually it is either enlightened or insane.

  2. Mel

    Nice article… After every storm, there will always be rainbow.
    With lots of hugs n metta to u, mel

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