1. Maryanne Looney

    Thank you. Your article took me from anger frustration and what’s wrong with multi tasking. It’s been me all my life. For example I start at one end of the house and go to another room to drop something off or fold the laundry that just finished. Soon I am in another room. I reach all corners of the house . A days work well done. Feeling frustrated that I have been told and being taught mindfullness. Now I am 67 years and I have been wrong all these years. Now I understand the concept of successive order in conscessention. I walked before I crawled. Backup and I will learn to enjoy and experience my life just a little more. I love art and nature. I do mindfully watch the trees and flowers as they change. I may even catch a butterfly or number at work.. Yes this is quickly recalled as a very vivid calm calm experience. . I will step back and learn to crawl than walk. Mindfulness before multitasking. Stopping one before placing the other into action. I can now be changed happily. Maryanne Looney …mlooney3@gmail.com

  2. Annie

    Thanks for such well rounded article.
    I have lost the ability to multitask in the recent years as I practiced more and more mindfulness in life, not only meditation.
    I shared this with other friends but they disagree with me, and claimed that multitasking is efficient and productive, which I disagree.

  3. Omar

    Such a beautiful article.

  4. 9/26/2019

    Great article. Well written, clear, and insightful.

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